The 10 Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers For Christmas (2020 Guide)

Soccer Stocking Stuffers: A difficult tongue twister and a necessity for Christmas.

Soccer stocking stuffers are a necessity on Christmas for any family with soccer players or fans living in the household. 

The items that fall into the soccer stocking stuffers category can be a little niche. These items aren’t necessarily big enough to be gifts (which The18 also has a guide for). Instead of buying large items, here are ten of the best soccer knick-knacks for Santa to put into the stockings on Christmas Eve.

The 10 Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers (2020 Edition)

The following items are the ten that made the list. Be sure to check out the pictures, details and links below.

1. Soccer Facemask of Favorite Club

2. 2020/21 Panini English Premier League Collectors Cards

3. 3D Illusion Soccer Ball Lamp

4. Alex Morgan iPhone Case

5. U.S. Soccer Scarf

6. Soccer Nutcracker

7. Adidas Unisex Rivalry Socks

8. Soccer Ball Gemstone

9. Under Armour Liner Gloves

10. Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit

Soccer Facemask of Favorite Club
Manchester United Facemasks

These Manchester United face coverings provide more protection than United's defense.

Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t going to magically disappear on New Year’s Day 2021. As long as we’re all wearing masks, we may as well represent our favorite teams.

Amazon offers a wide variety of facemasks featuring designs of top soccer clubs, so you can stay protected in style.

2020/21 Panini English Premier League Collectors Cards
EPL Trading Cards

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - Premier League Collector's Cards

The perfect soccer stocking stuffers are the little knick-knacks. These bad boys are a fun little gift to see what players you get out of your pack.

You could really combine the fun with FIFA 21 and try to create an Ultimate Team consisting of only players drawn from cards.

3D Illusion Soccer Lamp
3D Illusion Soccer Lamp

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - 3D Illusion Soccer Lamp

This neat little contraption is sure to be the talk of the sock. What’s better than a cool 3D lamp that is also soccer themed? This stocking stuffer is like an overpowered night light, and a cool one at that.

Alex Morgan iPhone Case
Alex Morgan iPhone Case

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - Alex Morgan iPhone Case

If a USWNT fan is getting a new iPhone this Christmas, then they may as well get one the best cases out there. This case will keep the phone protected, just like Alex Morgan has the USWNT covered.

iPhone cases don’t get more patriotic than this.

U.S. Soccer Scarf
U.S. Soccer Scarf

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffer - U.S. Soccer Scarf

Sticking with the American theme, this quality scarf is ideal to stay warm when bundling up and supporting U.S. Soccer.

One day when this virus goes away, this scarf can be held proudly above one’s head in a packed stadium as the holder chants “U-S-A!”

Soccer Nutcracker
Soccer Nutcracker

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - Soccer Nutcracker

What if I told you that soccer nutcrackers sell like crazy every holiday season? I don’t understand it either, but the customer knows best so I’m not going to knock it.

Add another decoration to the house or apartment this year with a cheeky soccer nutcracker. This decoration is sure to crack more nuts than Toni Kroos at the 2018 World Cup

Adidas Unisex Rivalry Socks
Adidas Unisex Rivalry Socks

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - Adidas Unisex Rivalry Socks

Socks are a necessity that everyone needs, especially soccer players. No one is thrilled or jumping up and down about a new pair of socks on Christmas morning, but they sure do come in handy.

The socks also do a great job of taking up space in the stocking. Nothing like putting smaller socks inside of a bigger sock. Sock-ception.

White Soccer Ball Gemstone
White Soccer Ball Gemstone

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - White Soccer Ball Gemstone

What says “I love soccer” more than a beautiful gemstone soccer ball hanging around the neck? 

This cute little gemstone is perfect for a soccer and jewelry lover.

Under Armour Gloves
Under Armour Gloves

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - Under Armour Gloves

We have already got the feet covered with the new socks, so now it’s time to cover up those hands. The temperatures won’t be getting warm anytime soon so it will be wise to keep those hands warm during winter training.

Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit
Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit

Best Soccer Stocking Stuffers - Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit

I can’t tell you how many times I've found myself ready to go out and kick the ball around, until I realize my kicking sphere is flat as a pancake.

Unless a kid’s mom/dad is a head soccer coach, finding a ball bump is a hassle. The Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit will keep the balls filled with air and the fun going.