Latest USA World Cup Jersey ‘Leak’ Is Better Than The Last One But Not By Much

The USMNT World Cup kits should be revealed in the near future, but as of now Nike is making us Americans anxiously wait to see the final result. Several “leaks” have been put out on the internet, with each one only adding to dread.

Latest USMNT World Cup Kit Leak

For starters, let’s check the source of these supposed leaked kits. “The Footy All Knower” is quite a convincing name, however the account was only created a couple of months ago and doesn’t hold much credibility.

I will say that this design does look similar to what Footy Headlines predicts the jerseys will look like. In May, Footy Headlines gave American fans a heart attack by putting out a mockup design of what the USMNT World kits could look like. Like most readers do, they didn't read the important text of "mock-up — design not final" and just assumed these were the finished product. 

These bland kits would be a disgrace to feature in Qatar. Then again, you can pick your poison. Do you want the bland white and blue kits or the gaudy American flag tops?

Please for the love of all things holy, don’t let the U.S. be the fashion laughingstock at the World Cup.

Perhaps Nike had to change the design of the kits after Tim Weah commented on an Instagram post that the official kits weren’t good.

Please say you're joking Weah...

Listen Nike, if you’re out of ideas for making a kit then just go with what our graphic designer Alie Mueller created.

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If her designs end up better than the official USMNT World Cup kits, then she gets a job at Nike. Deal? Deal.

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