Dortmund fans unveil one of the greatest tifos ever seen ahead of Chelsea match

Take a bow Borussia Dortmund fans. The latest Dortmund tifo vs. Chelsea on Wednesday was an absolute masterpiece.

Signal Iduna Park is one of the cathedrals of European football. Its famous Yellow Wall holds 25,000 fans, always brings the noise and has a history of unveiling the best tifos you’ll ever see.

Wednesday was no exception as the Yellow Wall produced this.

Dortmund Tifo vs. Chelsea

Absolutely stunning. For those like myself who don’t speak German — to my Oma’s disappointment — the tifo reads: “And every time it was worth standing by your side, the journey will always go on.”

The person in the tifo looks like a Dortmund fan. It’s not too hard to understand that a Dortmund fan with a backpack staring at Europe suggests that no matter where the club plays, the fans will follow.

This latest masterpiece will rank high compared to some of the other Dortmund tifos seen through the years.

This sort of passion and creativity is one of the key reasons why soccer is the greatest sport in the world.

Dortmund sold out the stadium for Wednesday’s game with over 81,000 fans in attendance.

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