The18 Celebrates International Dog Day With The Top 18 Soccer Dogs

I was going to write some long introduction for the best soccer dogs of all time. Let's be real here, you're here for the dogs. Without wasting anymore time, here are the pooches you're looking for.

The Top 18 Soccer Dogs Of All Time

18. Air Bud

So coming in dead last is Air Bud. He has an unfair advantage against his competitors and somehow got 4.7 stars for his movie "Air Bud: World Pup." The sappy name should have at least lost him one star. 

17. Police Dog

A step above Air Bud is this police pooch that steals the show (and the ball). He is a selfish ball-hog though and refuses to pass.

16. Rosco The Destroyer of ACL's

His name explains it all: he's kind of an asshole.

15. Alex Morgan's Dog Blue

While he is adorable and a rescue, he sold out to PETA. Hard to overlook the lust for money.

14. USMNT Dogs

All good doggos here. Also notice how Weston McKennie's dog is sporting a Juventus look. Perhaps it was a transfer clue all along.

13. Wales' Biggest Fan

Connor's dog Stella watches a Welsh masterclass.

Stella, destroyer of balls, ponders how long she will let this one live.

Connor's dog Stella is Wales' most loyal supporter. If she catches you saying one bad thing about Gareth Bale she will destroy you like she did to her Nerf AirTuff soccer ball.

12. Belly Rub Dog From Georgia

I too was disappointed when I found out it was the country Georgia and not the state. This fact doesn't take anything away from how adorable the dog is.

11. The Dogs of Shutterstock

Soccer Dogs

That cats were so good that they got a story of their own, but including the felines' counterpart was a must. I just hope this poor pooch didn't witness Germany take his team to the pound.

10. Sweeper Keeper

The presence of mind to use the tail instead of the mouth like many other dogs gives this one style points.

9. Freestyle Street Dribbler

Eat your heart out guy who juggles flaming machetes on the street corner, there is a new sheriff in town.

8. Anfield

Marcos Llorente rubbed salt in the wounds of Liverpool fans by naming his pooch after the stadium he demolished the Reds in.

7. Farfán's Number One Fan Is Always Watching

It's the jersey for me.

6. Jumpy Boy From Liga MX

Players only seem to care about the money these days. This dog's unbridled joy for the sport is a nice change of pace.

5. The Cheater Defeater

Cheating won't be condoned on this dog's watch. After this wise guy tried to block the goalkeeper from punting the ball, the rescue dog came in to deny the cheater any glory.

4. Colo-Colo Dogs

I am willing to start a petition to replace the children that walk out before the start of games with dogs. 

3. The Best Post Match Interview Ever

"What was it like out there making your first debut?"


2. Lindsey Horan Reunion 

One of the few good things that 2020 has had to offer so far was this video.

1. Messi's Secret Weapon

If Barcelona keeps playing around and doesn't let Lionel Messi go, he will send his behemoth dog Hulk to take care of business. I for one would rather deal with an angry fax from Messi than his dog.

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