It's Happening: Chicharito And Carlos Vela Are Facing Each Other For The First Time In El Trafico

The clash between the two biggest Mexican stars in MLS is finally happening. Javier Hernández and Carlos Vela are facing each other on Saturday, April 9 (7:30 p.m. ET), in El Trafico, the derby between LA Galaxy and LAFC.

The league has been expecting the duel for almost two years, but between the Covid-19 pandemic and injuries affecting both players at different times, we still haven't been able to watch them in action in the same game.

Chicharito vs Carlos Vela in El Trafico

What makes things different this time — as far as we know — is the fact that both are healthy and ready to claim the throne as king of Los Angeles. 

Chicharito and Vela are close friends. They met in Chivas' youth system when they were 14 years old, and since then they have played together several times in the Mexican national team. 

However, coming to this game, the friendship has been paused. 

"I love him, I admire him, but then when the whistle goes, he's no one for me," Chicharito said this week about Vela.  

Vela hasn't replied to the teasing yet, but before Chicharito arrived at the LA Galaxy, he warned him: "I told him 'If you come here, you are going to lose, and if you score a goal, I'm going to score one more than you do.'"

Fun, right?

In the past, Chicharito and Vela haven't played a lot against each other. In fact, the last two games they did were in the 2013 Champions League playing for Manchester United and Real Sociedad, respectively. Hernandez won 1-0 in Old Trafford, while the game in San Sebastian ended up being a 0-0 draw.

Coming to this match, LAFC enjoys first place in MLS's Western Conference, four points ahead of the LA Galaxy in third. In the head-to-head matches, the advantage is for the Galaxy: In 13 games played, they have five wins, three loses and five draws.

Where to watch Chicharito vs Carlos Vela

El Trafico will be played Saturday April 9 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

TV: Fox (Estados Unidos)

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