3 years and 50 games ago! Querétaro won last away game before COVID put the world in lockdown

Club Querétaro sucks.

I'm sorry for their fans, but the evidence condemning the Liga MX side is too evident to even debate it. Los Gallos Blancos lost 2-0 against Monterrey on Wednesday night and completed six months without being able to celebrate a victory in an official game.

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The last time they grabbed three points was on Aug. 20, 2022, after beating Xolos 2-0. Since then, 13 winless games (eight losses, five draws).

Querétaro away winless streak

Shameful, but things are even worse when you learn the number of away games they've played while returning home empty-handed. 

– 20 sounds embarrassing enough, right? 

– Keep going.

– What! How about 30? 

– Nope! More.

– Geez, I don't know.


Yes, Querétaro just completed 50 games (31 losses, 19 draws) without a win away from home. In real-calendar life, that's exactly three years. 

The last time Querétaro won an away fixture was a 3-2 victory over Necaxa on Feb. 16, 2020. Yeah! Before the world entered lockdown mode because of COVID.

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Just wrap your head around that.

So why is Querétaro so bad? First, except for a runner-up campaign in 2015 (with Ronaldinho in their squad) Querétaro has never been a hot item in Liga MX. So that's that. But then you have a team that's been hit hard financially in the past two to three years. 

COVID, of course, took a big bite from their budget, but then we have the consequences of the violent incidents caused by their fans in a game vs. Atlas in March 2022, which forced the team to play their matches in La Corregidora Stadium behind closed doors for one whole year. 

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And with no money it's hard to build a competitive team. We all know that.

Fortunately for Querétaro, the sanction is about to end. In fact, there are talks to open the doors of La Corregidora (up to 20% of its capacity) for their game vs. Mazatlán on Sunday, Feb. 19. Los Cañoneros are dead last in the Clausura and have a six-month winless streak, too. 

Maybe a perfect chance for Querétaro to at least end one of the curses.

What about winning an away fixture again? Gallos Blancos' next match as visitors is against Necaxa on Feb. 24. Yes, the last team they beat away three years ago. 

The opportunity is perfect to close the circle before it becomes too late. Querétaro's away winless streak is awful, but it's not a record yet by Liga MX standards. That honor belongs to Correcaminos, a team that went 54 away games without a win between 1991 and 1995.

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