Javier Güémez scored the sweet volley we all dream of scoring one day

If you love, love soccer, there is a fat chance you have caught yourself daydreaming of scoring an unforgettable golazo in your weekend league. A last-gasp bicycle kick, a Maradonesque beauty after dribbling through the whole other team or maybe a sweet volley outside the box like the one Javier Güemez scored Thursday night during Atlético de San Luis 2-0 win over Puebla in Liga MX. 

Güémez is a 31-year-old veteran who is more known because of his rough edges than being a poster boy for finesse. However, just for one night against La Franja, people saw him as Zinedine Zidane in the 2002 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen. 

I mean, his goal deserves a chef kiss. 

Javier Güémez goal vs Puebla

The midfielder caught a clearance from Puebla's defense outside the box and aligned his body to unleash a sublime left-footed volley before the ball touched the ground. 

Poetry. And Güemez is not even a leftie!

It was so beautiful that nobody doubts it was the most beautiful goal Güémez scored in his career. Or at least, that's the feeling after seeing his teammates and coaches shaking their heads and piling up over him for the celebration. And listening to the TUDN commentators saying, "Oh, my god!"

"In all the years I have seen Güémez playing, in all the various teams he was on, I have never seen him hit the ball the way he did," said pundit Félix Fernández, dazzled with the goal.

An own-goal of Ricardo Gularte in the 94th minute helped to secure Atlético de San Luis' victory.

Atlético de San Luis vs Puebla highlights

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