Bayern Basketball Star Looks Exactly Like Zlatan, Leading To Hilarity In Miami

Zlatan's doppelgänger paraded around Miami Beach while presumably criticizing MLS.

You probably know by now, but the man in the above video is not LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimović — it's Bayern Munich swingman Nihad Đedović. But Đedović is, without a doubt, Zlatan’s basketball-playing doppelgänger.

Đedović is one inch taller than Zlatan, but he’s got the same professional athlete physique, the same flowing lion’s mane turned man bun, the Zappa beard and the nose. 

Zlatan is eight years older than Đedović, but residents of Miami Beach, Florida, aren’t worried about the particulars in the face of such a photo op. And who’s to say that Đedović isn’t a legend? He’s a three-time German League champion with Bayern and he averaged 9.9 points per game in the EuroLeague last season. 

The driver’s son might not be impressed with those numbers, but it’s still better than meeting the Iranian Messi

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