Xherdan Shaqiri Scored, So Guess What? This Goal Bangs

I will bring you Shaqiri although you did not ask me to.

I don’t normally abuse my position as a writer at The18 to bring you solely what I would like to bring you — the golden rule for hacks like me is to give the people what the people want — except when it comes Xherdan Shaqiri

“Give us Messi! Give us Ronaldo!” you clamor. OK, I will. That’ll keep the lights on. But I’m gonna sprinkle in some Xherdan Shaqiri spice every now and then just to keep you on your toes, and to remind you that there’s a lot of beauty in this world: tiny, almost microscopic, banging beauty.

That’s the Alpine Messi for you — very small, but very always scoring bangers. If he’s good enough for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, he’s good enough for you. 

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