Two Scandalous Refereeing Decisions Cause Russian Commentator To Quit Live On Air

Two clear penalties weren’t awarded in the space of 60 seconds, forcing this Russian commentator to quit live on air.

A Russian Second Division match (the third level of Russian football) between Tekstilshchik and FC Torpedo Vladimir (that’s a pretty badass sounding club) descended into absolute farce when the referee, Pyotr Miroshnichenko, failed to award Vladimir a penalty after two scandalous decisions within the space of 60 seconds.

In the first, a goalkeeping howler leads to a stonewall penalty in the box. Somehow (I think we all know how), the referee awards a free kick on the edge of the area. From the ensuing free kick, you’ll quickly spot an outrageous instance of hand ball in the box. The ref, staring directly at it, immediately waves play on. 

The commentator, having grown increasingly irate during this time, simply quits. While the commentator’s rage is easy to understand, Vladimir’s players look more consigned to the fact that something beyond their control is probably going on.

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