Oscar Uses Pinpoint Accuracy To Pelt Two Players, Smartly Plays Dead In Ensuing Brawl

How’s Oscar doing with Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League? Pretty good. For one, he’ll pocket $26 million this season. But how’s the season going? Shanghai are in second after 13 matches, with Oscar scoring one goal and dropping seven assists for the Red Eagles. 

On Saturday, Shanghai played Guangzhou R&F (the R&F stands for “Rich” and “Force”, nice). SIPG manager Don Juan Andre Villas-Boas watched as Oscar slipped in Hulk for a Shanghai equalizer in the 45th minute, but then things decidedly went to s**t.


In first half stoppage time, an attempted through ball from Oscar was fired into the thighs of a Guangzhou defender. It deflected back to Oscar, who, facing the other way now, continued to fire another howitzer into the legs of a different Guangzhou player. 

Kicking the ball with your foot is definitely a part of football, so I think this is a great way to dole out some punishment when you're slight of build but possess a thunderous shot like Oscar.

Guangzhou players, staff and immediate family members clearly don’t agree, and they charged the pitch wanting to spill the blood of the former Chelsea man. But some quick thinking from the 25-year-old saw him play dead, and while the resulting melee ensued, he lay beneath it all thinking pleasant thoughts of endless streams of money entering his bank account.

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