Funniest Miss Ever? 3-On-0 Ends In Catastrophe In Women’s Champions League

If you want to compete with Barcelona, you’ve got to finish chances like this one here.

If you come at Barcelona in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, you best not miss. On Wednesday night, Lithuanian side Gintra Universitetas attempted to come at Barcelona in the Round of 16 and they missed. Horrendously.

Barcelona were already leading 3-0 when the home team hilariously failed to convert a 3-on-0, and the Catalan side would go on to win 6-0 in the first leg. The return leg, scheduled for November 15 in Barcelona, is now something of a formality. 

The Round of 16 saw other lopsided results with defending champions Lyon defeating BIIK Kazygurt 7-0, Wolfsburg thumping Fiorentina 4-0 and Chelsea defeating Rosengard 3-0. 

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