The 5 Best Assists Of Marco Reus’ Career As A Footballing Wizard

I’ll have you know that I too have a YouTube account. I subscribe to The18 (the place where soccer lives), FC Barcelona (always good stuff) and the Bundesliga — why the Bundesliga? Because they’ll occasionally put together a Marco Reus highlight compilation, and that’s all I really care about anymore.

I mean, pass one: nutmeg, pass two: eye of the needle, pass three: back heel nutmeg, pass four: outside of the boot through five defenders from long-range, pass five: back heel after dragging three defenders around. What more do you want

Back when they counted down Reus’ 18 best Bundesliga goals, I was there to play the middleman for you. And I’ll also have you know that I included one of the above Reus passes in my “15 Best Defense-Splitting Passes Ever” countdown, so I’m not doing all the piggybacking here — the Bundesliga obviously stole this idea from me.

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