Lucas Fonseca Took The Red Pill, And He’s Seeing How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes

Lucas Fonseca channeled his inner Neo to avoid metaphorical bullets in Bahia's match against Flamengo on Sunday.

Here’s what happened between Bahia defender Lucas Fonseca and Flamengo striker Paolo Guerrero on Sunday night, as recreated by The Matrix. Fonseca came sprinting at Guerrero and said something like:

Fonseca proceeded to kick him, so Guerrero wasn’t pleased, and Guerrero said:

And so Guerrero tried to destroy Fonseca with a windmill punch to the dome, but the 6’3’’ center half went like this: 

And then everyone watching at home around the world said to themselves:

But the referee gave Fonseca a second yellow card for simulation, and his side lost 1-0 in the Brasileiro. Hopefully there won't be a sequel.

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