Dude Just Scored From Nearly 80 Yards Out In The Swiss Super League

Dragan Mihajlovic unleashed the dragon against Sion.

The Swiss Super League got started yesterday and then the goal of the season was scored today, just like that. Lugano’s Dragan Mihajlovic made like Sisqo and unleashed the dragon on Sion from 77 yards out. 

He was very obviously just clearing the ball in the fourth minute after some dicey play at the back, but his “get rid!” sailed through the cosmos before taking a bounce over 20-year-old Sion keeper Anthony Maisonnial. 

Can we also take a moment to appreciate all the angles of the strike which reveal the location of Sion’s Stade de Tourbillon in the valley of the Rhône with the Bernese Alps cascading in the distance? That’s a beautiful stadium.

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