Darwin Machís Spurs Evolution Forward With Thrilling Solo Goal

No one can stop the forward march of evolution, or this great goal from Darwin Machís.

Evolution does not stand still, unlike these Almeria defenders. Evolution moves inexorably forward, like Granada’s Darwin Machís. In a Spanish Segunda División match on Friday, Machís showed the next step forward in evolution with a thrilling solo goal.

Machís fooled one defender, took a ride on the HMS Beagle for about 20 yards and curled in a beautiful finish to double Granada’s lead early in the second half against Almeria, the goal nestling into the back of the net by the width of a finch beak.

Scored by a man born in Venezuela, not too far from the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin found some of the first concrete evidence of evolution, this Darwin Machís goal showed how far we humans have come with this brilliant effort. No offense to lovable apes, but I don’t see any of them banging in goals from 20 yards out. 

If survival of the fittest was based on football performance alone, Machís should have nine wives and produce seven sons with each one. This Darwin Machís goal was proof of a mutation from which the human race would do well to replicate through natural selection.

Granada won the match 3-2 after both teams scored goals in stoppage time. Almeria equalized in the 91st minute before Granada scored the winner two minutes later. 

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