Is Casemiro’s Terrible Piece Of Embellishment Now The Latest Dance Craze?

Forget the Thizzle Dance (or whatever is the latest), cause the Casemiro Step is here.

The back-to-back European champions were humbled 3-1 by Tottenham at Wembley in Champions League group play on Wednesday, and Dele Alli’s performance will be fondly remembered in London. But it’s Casemiro’s strange form of embellishment when touched by Harry Winks that’s got the whole world talking.

The touch caused Casemiro to lose his balance for an instant, but then the Brazilian continued to forcibly lose his own balance for what seemed like an eternity.

It has all the markings of the latest dance craze: First, he’s got his hand up and waving in the air, which is a big part of today’s pop music. Second, there’s about eight steps involved in the routine, making this dance step both accessible but also intricate. It’s toeing that beautiful line.

So go ahead. Bust this out in the club. Do it for the Vine. Add your own little influences to it. The Casemiro Step is going to be a fixture at weddings and discotecas for the rest of eternity.

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