Watch: Barcelona’s U-10 Squad Rips Real Madrid Apart With 6 Great Goals

They’re not even teenagers yet and they’re already better than you’ll ever be.

You may recall back in January when Barcelona U-10 phenom Michal Zuk signed a brand ambassador contract with adidas. It was an unprecedented show of financial support for such a young player still years away from first-team experience, but his highlights speak for themselves.

As it turns out, the rest of Zuk’s Barcelona U-10 team is every bit as talented as he is.

The Barcelona U-10 squad took on Real Madrid in a recent Villa de Posadas International Tournament semifinal. Just like with the senior teams this season, Barcelona dominated, thrashing its biggest rival 6-0.

More than that, every one of Barcelona’s six goals were wonderful to watch, starting with a long-range cracker from Zuk himself.

Check out the video above for the full highlights of Barcelona’s destruction of Real Madrid. 

They’ve got a No. 8 out there zipping passes around like Andres Iniesta, a No. 7 with the clinical finishing of Luis Figo and, of course, a No. 10 scoring golazos like Lionel Messi. 

Unless you’re a Madrista, it’s a joy to watch.

As a sports fan over the age of 30, I’m required by law to also point out what great sports the Barcelona U-10 players are, going out of their way to console and say “good game” to their defeated opponents. 

Of course, this is just a U-10 level match. Most of these players — even Zuk — face a long, up-hill battle to ever reach the Barcelona first team. But they’ve certainly got promise and potential.

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