Barca B Player Channels His Inner Rivaldo To Hit A Ball With No Mercy

Gerard Gumbau took Rivaldo's advice and just hammered a free kick.

Here's a lesson for all you kids out there: if you ever have a free kick, just smash it. That's the lesson Brazilian great Rivaldo gives to prodigies at La Masia, so why not? Just approach the ball like Barca B's Gerard Gumbau like Rivaldo and utterly annihilate the thing. It'll fly into the corner, you'll be the hero and you'll get promoted to the Segunda Division. That's the theory.

People always say free kicks from this distance are difficult because you have to get it up and over the wall and back on frame in such a short distance, but not if you just smack it into the corner. It's simple, ya dum dum.

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