Ranking The Cutest Kids Of Football Stars

After months of research and sleepless nights filled with pacing and contemplation, I have finally been able to compile a comprehensive list ranking the top 10 kids of football stars.

Top 10 Football Players Kids

1. Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper (not pictured) Beckham
Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz Beckham
Getty Images

Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz Beckham at the Kids' Choice Awards. 

(-)Points for not blessing us with another era of Beckham soccer.

(+)Points for style.

(+)Points for being the OG family. 

2. Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro Messi
Messi And His Kids
Getty Images

Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro Messi pose with their dad after he won the Copa del Rey with FC Barcelona in 2017. 

(+)Points for their parents having the best love story

3. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.
Ronaldo Jr. Shows Off Skills
Getty Images

Ronaldo Jr. shows off his football skills after one of his dad's matches with Real Madrid. 


(+)Points for football skills.

4. Jeremiah McDonald
Jessica McDonald and son celebrate World Cup victory
Getty Images

Jessica McDonald of the USA celebrates with her son following her team's victory in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France Final match. 

(+)Points for a badass mom. 

(+)Points for confetti sprinkling abilities. 

5. Makka Salah
Mo Salah and his daughter after a match
Getty Images

Mo Salah and his daughter play on the pitch after one of his matches. 

(+)Points for a glowing smile.

6. Milan and Sasha (not pictured) Piqué
Shakira, Piqué and son
Getty Images

Gerard Piqué holds his son, Milan, with girlfriend Shakira. 

(+)Points for the world’s most attractive parents.

(+)Points for BIG eyes. 

7. Sergio, Marco, and Alejandro (not pictured) Ramos
Sergio Ramos with kids Sergio and Marco.
Getty Images

Sergio Ramos with his kids after a match. 

(-)Points because their dad has way too many red cards. 


8. Davi Lucca da Silva Santos
Neymar and son celebrate after 2016 Olympics
Getty Images

Neymar of Brazil celebrates with his son after the Men's Football Final between Brazil and Germany.

(+)Points for a boss name.

(+)Points for great blonde hair.

9. Kai, Klay, Kit, and Cass Rooney
Wayne Rooney and Family
Getty Images

Wayne Rooney, his wife Coleen Rooney and their children Kit Joseph Ronney, Klay Anthony Rooney, Kai Wayne Rooney and Cass Mac Rooney pose for a photo pitside prior to the International Friendly match between England and United States.

(+)Points because just LOOK at little Cass.

(+)Points for strawberry-blonde hair. 

10. Delfina, Benjamin, and Lautaro (not pictured) Suarez
Messi, Suarez, Neymar, and their kids
Getty Images

Football Players Kids: Messi, Suarez, Neymar, and their kids pose for a photo after FC Barcelona won the Copa del Rey in 2017. 

(-)Points because dad bites people.

(+)Points because I think it’s funny.

There you have it. Your very own guide to the top 10 football players kids. 

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