You Should Absolutely Watch The Futsal Champions League Finals This Week

If you could be anywhere in the world right now (Maradona willing), where would you go? Let me tell you why Zadar, Croatia, is the right choice.

First off, look at this obscenely beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea.

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar, Croatia: home to this year's UEFA Futsal Champions League finals. Photo: ShutterStock

Then there’s the event: a six-day, seven-game, single-elimination tournament inside Krešimir Ćosić Hall to decide the 2020-21 UEFA Futsal Champions League winner.

The clubs on show include three of the most successful teams in the history of the competition — five-time winner Inter FS (Madrid), three-time winner Barcelona and two-time winner AFC Kairat (Almaty, Kazakhstan) — along with Sporting CP, Benfica, KPRF (Moscow), Gazprom-Ugra Yugorsk (Yugorsk, Russia) and Dobovec (Rogatec, Slovenia).

Futsal Champions League bracket

The final tournament bracket. Photo: Wikipedia   

Since we obviously can’t be there for many reasons, we’ll have to make due with watching matches and highlights on UEFA.tv, as well as Fanatiz (the official broadcast partner in the United States) if you have it. The broadcast partner in Canada is DAZN and ESPN Latin America in Mexico.  

If you’re wondering why you should watch futsal, the reason is this. 

And a little bit of this.

And have some of that.

Here are the highlights from last year’s final, which was won by Barcelona over ElPozo Murcia. 

Barça has two-time Best Player in the World Ferrão (2019 and 2020) and 2013 winner Sergio Lozano. I'll go ahead and give them the "favorites" label.

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