Xavi Says Neymar Told Him He Was Leaving Barcelona At Messi's Wedding

You know how Neymar left Barcelona for PSG? Well, apparently that move was in the works for a long time. As far back as Messi's wedding, if Xavi Hernandez is to be believed.

Here's what Xavi told the BBC World Service:

"He said to us at Messi's wedding that he wanted to change, he wanted to change the club. I said to him but why? He said: 'I'm not happy in Barcelona and I prefer to go out, to have a new experience in Europe, in Paris Saint-German.' And finally, that was his decision. We must respect it."

That certainly is something. Hopefully Neymar wasn't trying to steal Messi's thunder, and as long as he didn't say that during a toast or something I think we can safely say Messi's thunder was not stolen. More likely it was a group of semi-tipsy friends talking trash about their bosses, which is perfectly normal behavior.

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