World Cup Goals: Brazil Vs Croatia

Talk about a wild beginning to World Cup 2014. The opening match between Brazil and Croatia saw ups and downs for both teams – from Marcelo's nightmarish own-goal in the opening minutes, to a questionable (OK, let's be honest, terrible) call that led to a penalty kick that Neymar took full advantage of to score, putting Brazil in the lead.

For a better part of the first half, the streets of São Paulo went quiet at the thought of Brazil conceding the opening match of the World Cup for the first time since 1934. Watching even from a distance, one could almost feel the tension in the faces of the Brazilian players and fans. However, Neymar took the first step in proving that all the hype may, in fact, play out to be true when he sent an ugly yet effective equalizer low and into the corner - just beyond the reach of Croatian goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa.

From there (despite a few promising flurries) it never got better again for Croatia. It didn't help that macth referee Yuichi Nishimura made a terrible call that put Neymar on the penalty mark and, again, Pletikosa couldn't quite make the save. After that, the closing toe-poke from Oscar to make it 3-1 seemed more like an insult to Croatia than a substantive goal.

Nevertheless, the Brazilian side emerged victorous from Arena Corinthians, erasing the moment of doubt that (for a few tense moments) we imagine washed over the entire country and once again righting the order of things. After all, had Croatia bested Brazil in the opening match, what else might have suddenly seemed possible - even to the most pragmatic among us like USMNT coach Jürgen Klinsmann? The U.S. emerging from the group stage victorious? Advancing beond the knockout stage? Winning the whole enchilada (or, pão de queijo as the case may be)?

In any case, for your viewing pleasure, we've collected replays of every goal from the Brazil/Croatia game below. Enjoy!

Oops I Did It Again: 0-1 Croatia On Marcelo's Own-Goal

Brazil Own Goal

Soft, But Deadly: Neymar Equalizes Things 1-1

Neymar Equalizer

Thank You Mr. Nishimura: A Terrible Call Leads To Neymar's Second

Neymar Penalty Kick

Insult To Injury: Oscar The Toe-Poke

Oscar Scores

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