Why Two-Time World Cup-Winning Coach Jill Ellis Is Being Overlooked For The England Job

Ellis has the game’s finest track record, but questions remain over her coaching ability.

We all know the story of former USWNT coach Jill Ellis stepping down from her position in 2019 after winning back-to-back World Cups. Her endeavors after such a successful stint with the USWNT were uncertain for a while. Then, word had it that she was trying to coach the England women's national team. 

Current England manager Phil Neville will be stepping down sometime in 2021. Some consider him a "failed experiment" for the England team. His record isn’t that great and, if anything, the team has gotten worse under his guidance. 

Now rumor has it that Neville has been shortlisted as a potential coach for the Australia women’s squad

So who's in the running for the soon-to-be-vacant England job? You guessed it, Jill Ellis. But you might have already known that.

Ellis has been in talks with the team for a while, but the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the Football Association's ability to choose a coach.

The England team narrowed down its options to Ellis and Netherlands women's manager Sarina Wiegman. There are strong sentiments in favor of Wiegman.

Ellis has been praised as the ideal replacement for Neville, but she has recently fallen out of the limelight with the team.

So what — if anything — is Ellis missing?

She's been constantly criticized for her lack of decision making skills, with many former players saying that her surrounding coaching staff was the reason for success at both World Cups. An article analyzing Ellis’ ability proved some of the naysayers right. Her track record is outstanding, but is it really because of her coaching abilities?

In a head-to-head with the former Netherlands coach, Ellis looks good on paper. But Ellis built on an empire with an already strong base.

Players have said that the World Cups were won because of the talent on the team, and that it would've been harder not to win. Wiegman, on the other hand, had to build her empire from the ground up — she changed the women's game in the Netherlands. She could be the key to rebuilding this England team that's fallen short in the last few big tournaments. Ellis has never had to build a team in the same way Wiegman has.

So, as Wiegman emerges as the front runner for the England position, what’s gonna happen to Jill Ellis? As of right now she's working as an Ambassador for U.S. Soccer. Another rumor has started that lists Ellis on the shortlist — alongside Phil Neville — for the Australia national team.