Who Says Defenders Can't Score?!

Roberto Carlos, David Luiz and Co. will disagree. Here are the 15 best defender goals of all-time!

It’s no surprise that the players who score all the goals get all the love. The strikers and midfielders who put the ball in the back of the net are more often then not the heroes, while defenders are villified for trying to eliminate the thing fans love most: scoring. 

But who says these work horses who reside on the back line can’t put together a couple of moves or provide a couple golazos for the team and the fans? 

Whether they are arriving out of no where to blast an attempted clearance on goal or if they simply see the opposing defense giving them space, these players have the true cajones to attempt the thunderbastard goals we hold so dear to our hearts. Below is a compilation of the top 15 goals by defenders created by Youtuber DPM Football with the spectacular game commentary when the goals happened. We may not agree with the order of the list (Roberto Carlos freekick at 9?!), but one thing is for sure, all 15 deserve to be on here. For all the defenders out there, this one’s for you!  

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