Insane Treadmill Tekkers With 11-Year-Old Phenom Ramell Carter

Be sure not to blink or you might miss the fancy feet of 11-year-old Tottenham academy standout Ramell Carter. In this Instagram video, he shows off his skills while taking multi-tasking to the next level.

The Instagram sensation with 146K followers continues to impress and make his mark on the soccer world by hitting crazy tricks while also cranking up the speed on the treadmill. Some people can’t even do what he does on solid ground, but to be able to have that type of ball control while on a fast-paced moving surface is next level. 

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The pure concentration and swagger he has while doing his freestyle on a treadmill is quite impressive for an 11-year-old. The official JD and Nike athlete makes it look so effortless, but speaking from experience, it's a lot harder than it looks and definitely don't try it at home if you're not coordinated.

Needless to say, the youth are taking over the sporting world one viral video at a time. 

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