Club De Cuervos Están De Regreso — Club De Cuervos Is Back

In 2015, "Club de Cuervos" was released on Netflix as its first Spanish-language original series and if you have not seen it, you are missing out. 

When does Club de Cuervos come back for Season 4?

The last three seasons of the show have been a hit and the fourth and sadly the final season will be released on Netflix on Jan. 25.

Although there have been spin-off shows that were put out to fill the gap between seasons, such as, "La Balada De Hugo Sanchez" and "I, Potro," the wait is soon to be over for the fate of the Cuervos. Which means, save the date and clear your schedule to spend your day binging and translating, if you don’t habla español or like to read subtitles.


Season 3 ended with Chava Iglesias losing his campaign to be governor of Nuevo Toledo and discovering a family secret that will affect him and his sister, Isabel, in the upcoming season.

The final season will carry on the intense drama, dark humor and whether or not Chava and Isabel Iglesias can save their football club once and for all. 

Cuervos! Cuervos! *crow noise*


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