WHAT! These Ladies Completely Fool Arsenal With This Clever Free Kick

For once, “that deserves an Oscar” can be said about something good that happened on the pitch.

Usually when the subject of acting is brought up in a conversation about soccer, it’s not good. Someone dived and either won a free kick, a penalty, or got someone sent off. Sometimes they do get booked for simulation, but that is the rarer of all the possible outcomes. The point being, we only want to hear about Oscars on a certain Sunday night during the year, and not every Saturday evening during the season. Ellen White and Notts County Ladies just changed all of that.

When we say that the three ladies that stood over this goal deserve some recognition from the academy, we say it with a smile on our faces. 


You can actually hear the false kicker, Laura Bassett, scream in frustration after her teammate, Alex Greenwood, “screws up” the free kick routine. While Arsenal is still laughing to themselves about the perceived disfunction, Greenwood rolls the ball to White, who hits a perfect curler into the corner. That’s dedication, discipline, and dare we say a little bit of method acting?

This goal has to feel all the sweeter to White, who used to play for Arsenal. We think now we can all agree that she’s moved on to better things.

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