Wayne Rooney Is Not The First Footballer Ever To Be Drunk, So Everyone Relax

After Wayne Rooney was photographed looking very drunk, Jurgen Klopp was quick to remind everyone that footballers have done this sort of thing a lot.

Let's start by saying that by no way or means do we endorse any sort of substance abuse. And yet, it is hard to argue with the argument Jurgen Klopp put forward when he was asked a question regarding Wayne Rooney reportedly being drunk at a wedding. 

“All the legends we love and admire drank like devils and smoked like crazy,” Klopp told the media. 

That is tough to deny. Much like rock stars, soccer players and alcohol (and drugs) walked hand in hand throughout history. Just check out this recent interview Ronaldinho gave to FOX Sports not too long ago:

That is a man considered by many to be one of the top 10 soccer players of all time, and he is drunk out of his mind giving an interview to a major news source. 

The list of great drunks in soccer might even be longer than the shortlist for this year’s Ballon d’Or. 

Garrincha, the dribbling magician who won two World Cups for Brazil, was a notorious drinker and passed away from a liver disease. 

This list goes all the way up to the top five of all-time, but we won’t even get started on Diego Maradona. 

Remember George Best? Arguably the greatest player ever to come out of the United Kingdom, Best was also one of the heaviest drinkers soccer has ever seen. It only takes one quote from Best to back up that argument:

"In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life."

Yes, he actually said that. Can you imagine what would happen if someone said that today? 

What Klopp said in his interview was true. Players today are the most professional breed of men soccer has ever had. Most of them are perfectionists who focus on nothing but getting better and shaping their bodies for the ultimate performance on the pitch. And when something like this Rooney night out happens, it seems the world has turned upside down. 

Don’t get me wrong; players should focus on the game and steer away from substance abuse. Just take a look at what happened to Best, who ended up having to get a liver transplant and still managed to drink his way to an early grave in 2005.

But, like Neymar said earlier this year when his partying was questioned, players are people just like anyone else. They should be allowed the occasional night out as long as they don’t abuse it. Did Rooney cross a line? Klopp didn’t think so, but in the end what matters is how he’ll bounce back from it on the pitch.

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