Watch Jack Wilshere Try To Fight All The Manchester City U-23s

Arsenal's Jack Wilshere was not such a happy boy after a late challenge.

Jack Wilshere has had a rough go. Unable to cement a place in the Arsenal first team because of injuries, Wilshere spent last season on loan with Bournemouth, and now the 25-year-old has found himself playing with Arsenal's U-23s.

Evidently, he is not happy about it. He is certainly not happy about something. 

The defender came in very late on that challenge, and Wilshere has a right to be angry, but if he wants to put his career back on an upward trajectory he needs to learn to control his feelings better. If Arsene Wenger can't trust Wilshere to play without losing his head and getting sent off every time someone cheap-shots him, then Wilshere is not going to play.

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