Watch Every Goal From The Man Outscoring Messi

Alexandre Lacazette is having a breakout year for Olympique Lyon in Ligue 1, the French first division. He has scored 17 goals in all competitions, far and away the most in Ligue 1, and two more than the walking legend that is Lionel Messi.

According to, Lacazete is the fourth highest-rated player in the world this season, and after watching this video, you will understand why.

Lacazette is as clinical as it gets. If you had to learn how to play striker, but could only pick one player in the entire world to watch, you should pick Lacazette. He is not blessed with the incredible natural gifts of Ronaldo or Messi, so he must score his goals through impeccable positioning and anticipation. He is always in the right spot, that is why so many of his goals are one-touch finishes. 

If Lacazette carries on at this rate, it would be no surprise if a big name club swooped in over the summer and whisked him away for a chance to compete for European glory. His class is apparent, and he deserves nothing less. 

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