Udinese Captain Danilo Injured Three Teammates At Practice

If you played any sport while you were young, you most likely heard the speech that you need to practice hard in order to play well when it counts. 

Well, apparently Udinese’s captain Danilo Larangeira took that message a little bit too seriously.The central defender has reportedly injured three of his teammates during a practice session. 

Ali Adnan, Adalberto Penaranda, and Francesco Lodi all fell victim to their captain’s wrath and were injured as Larangeira went on a rampage of rough tackles that left his three teammates in need of treatment. 

What seems to have sparked this violent outburst from the Udinese captain was a discussion with Lodi that preceded the defender’s outburst.

Larangeira had to be taken off the field by manager Gigi de Neri to cool off with an early shower. 

The incident deeply disturbed the club’s higher-ups as sporting director Nereo Bonato was quick to say that the least he expects from the player is an apology. 

"We expect the player to issue an apology, that is the absolute minimum," Bonato said. However, Bonato was still unsure of what sort of punishment Larangeira would receive. "Before we can take any other action we want to understand what caused this inexplicable behavior."

While an incident like this is disturbing, it is far from being Larangeira’s first offense, as he fought with a teammate in the tunnel leading to the dressing room a few years back. 

Still, his gravest offense to date happened while Larangeira still played in his native Brazil, where the Udinese captain was sentenced to a year in jail on racism charges. 

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