Thiago Training Video Shows The Skills It Takes To Play For Spain

Making the impossible look easy.

Spain may have made beating Romania look difficult Thursday, but before the match Thiago made playing soccer look easy. A video released by the Spainish national team of Thiago skills has gone viral among the soccer community. 

The video captures the Bayern midfielder making cross-field passes with another teammate; sounds simple enough right? Oh yeah, I forget to mention that he's juggling and passing the ball between teammates without the ball touching the ground.

Some of these touches are insane.

Here's Thiago displaying a level of flexibility I can only dream of.

Photo: @SeFutbol | Twitter

And here he is catching the ball on his shoulder like its a freakin' parakeet.

Photo: @SeFutbol | Twitter

The video also features Sergio Ramos doing whatever the heck this is

Photo: @SeFutbol | Twitter

While it's impressive to see Thiago pull that off in training, there's no way he could pass out of the air like that in a game right?

I mean, OK, yeah, he passed the ball out of the air in a game, but how is he ever going to juggle like that against defenders?

OK, I'm done questioning Thiago's abilities.

Spain would go on to beat Romania 2-1 thanks to goals from Sergio Ramos and Paco Alcacer.

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