Thiago And Mateo Messi Watch Their Alchemist Dad Turn Football Into Gold

Lionel Messi turned in a Midas-like performance in Saturday’s Copa del Rey final — everything he touched turned into gold. He opened the scoring for Barca in the 30th minute with an unstoppable effort from 18 yards out, he was heavily involved with a “hockey assist” in Neymar’s goal and then he settled the match before halftime with a sublime feed for Paco Alcacer and Barcelona’s third.  

Outside of these pivotal moments, Messi was unplayable. He registered 101 touches in the game, including four key passes, four shots and a staggering nine successful dribbles. 

The aftermath of Messi’s superhuman performance yielded two staggering statistics: 1.) He’s now scored 30 goals in 25 major finals. 2.) He’s now won 30 trophies at the age of 29. Mateo Messi is impressed.


Look at Mateo trying to drink from his own little Copa del Rey trophy. Forget everything I just wrote, the real hero on the night was Mateo.

And look at Thiago — will he be Lionel + Neymar + Ronaldinho? If this celebration is anything to go by, yes.

Thiago Messi

Thiago Messi = Thiagoneydinho Messi? Photo: @WeAreMessi | Twitter

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