Sergio Ramos Traded His Jersey For Some Pork

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos gave his jersey to a lucky fan in exchange for a package of pork.

Here's a tip: if you're at a match and you want a player to give you their jersey, bring something to bribe them with, like pork.

Hey, it worked on Sergio Ramos.

How did that fan sneak a package of pork into the Bernabeu? This is assuming the Bernabeu has something resembling security and you can't just bring whatever you want in there. I have to imagine it was in his pants. Sergio Ramos traded his jersey for warm pants pork.

There's no way he ate the pork after, right? Doesn't Real Madrid have someone to cook things for players so they don't have to eat strange pork they fished out of the stands?

If anyone knows the current whereabouts of the pork, or how the pork was smuggled into the stadium, or if Sergio Ramos ate the pork and/or if anything happened to him after he ate the pork, please tweet @Jenkins with your thoughts.

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