Saka Opens Up About Penalty Miss And Demands Social Media Platforms Do More To Stop Racial Abuse

Bukayo Saka has been spending time with family for the past week. The 19-year-old has also been on a short social media hiatus after he saw his penalty kick saved in the Euro 2020 final that ultimately crowned Italy champion. After several days of silence, a Saka tweet has been put out with an update on how he’s doing.

Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho all failed to convert their penalty kicks against Italy and were subjected to horrific racial abuse on social media. Monsters — I refuse to acknowledge these awful specimens as humans — spammed the three English stars with racial slurs, threats and monkey emojis.

In Saka’s tweet, he stated that Instagram, Twitter and Facebook aren’t doing enough to stop the racist abuse he and many others face.

Four people have been arrested for the online racial abuse, according to British police. 

It’s a damn sad world when a 19-year-old kid makes one mistake and already knows the tidal wave of racism coming his way.

Rashford put out a tweet on Monday apologizing for his penalty miss and thanking the people who sent him kind messages.

Sancho also condemned the racism sent to teammates and himself, saying that society needs to do better.

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