Sadio Mane Red Card Sets Off Twitter Debate Between Gary Neville And People With Eyes

Sadio Mane earned straight red Saturday after going studs up against Manchester City keeper Ederson. It was a tough call for the refs to decide whether Mane deserved red, or perhaps a deeper shade of red than usual.

The red card left Liverpool down a man and opened the door for a 5-0 thumping from Manchester City. Jurgen Klopp was pleased to tie a career record for worst defeat of all time.

Jurgen Klopp celebrates his defeat after a Sadio Mane red card

The face of a pleased man after a Sadio Mane red card kicks off Goal-o-rama 2017 (Photo: @WhoScored | Twitter)

Meanwhile, the Sadio Mane red card also opened the door to a Twitter celebration of all things Mane.

There was this astute observation:

There were some fun movie comparisons:


There was a deluded Gary Neville:

There was speculation about where Sadio Mane received his training:

There were interesting analogies:

There was a concerned James Milner having a word with Mane:

Manchester City keeper Ederson managed to return to the pitch, and it has been confirmed that he did not suffer a concussion or any broken bones.

It remains to be seen whether Ederson will be back in time for Manchester City's September 16th fixture versus Watford.

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