Ronaldinho Is In Germany Serving Up Some Delicious Flicks

R10 is back on the menu, boys!

It’s not been a great month for Ronaldinho’s PR team. Back in October, it was reported that the Brazilian legend would have his role as an ambassador for FC Barcelona significantly reduced — including his presence at Legends games — due to his political backing of Brazil’s President-elect, Jair Bolsonaro. This was followed by reports of Ronaldinho having only $9.45 in his bank account despite owing $3.1 million “for illegal construction in a protected area in his home country.”

However, the Sun and Fox reported that last one, and both also said that Ronaldinho had his passport seized “in a bid to ensure he doesn’t flee the country.”

Well, the Sun (omg surprise!) might've got it twisted, because R10 was up to something entirely wholesome on Saturday when a match between “Ronaldinho & Friends vs. Eintracht Frankfurt Legends” was played out at Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Germany, on Saturday. He clearly would’ve needed his passport to get there, unless he's now on the lamb.  

Ronaldinho officially announced his retirement back in January and subsequently decided to go on a farewell tour of the planet, but this match coincided with “his desire to hold benefit games across the globe in order to help disadvantaged children.” 

20,000 spectators turned up to watch R10, Torsten Frings, Kevin Kuranyi, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Marco Russ, and all proceeds went to German charity “RTL - We Help Children.” 

Here’s what Ronnie did at the match. I guess I should say “still got it” or something cool, but he’s really only 38 and won the Ballon d'Or once. 

Here’s all of his touches, because still got it. 

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