Thanks To Ronaldinho, You Can Now Joga Bonito With Your Fidget Spinners

The only way to have a cool fidget spinner is to have the Ronaldinho version.

If you thought fidget spinners were only for hyperactive tweens and squirmy corporate adults, then think again.

The most annoying and amusing toy in the world just received the stamp of approval from Ronaldinho. The Brazilian legend recently released his own line of fidget spinners, available in silver, gold and black. The stylish gadget’s piéce de résistance is the emblazoned “Ronaldinho” signature.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you'll know that a fidget spinner is a three-lobed, gyroscope type of thing that’s been mesmerizing millions. It’s allure is confusingly simple - they move ‘round and ‘round for long periods of time. Fidget spinners have been the global craze of 2017.

Ronaldinho, who's already proven to be a savvy business man by launching a line of luxury condoms, capitalized on the hype with this limited edition line. 

Ronaldinho spinner

Ronaldinho's fidget spinners. Photo: @fabienr34 | Twitter

Get yours now for only $13.99!

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