Red Star Supporters Get Into Election Day Spirit Against Liverpool

It’s Election Day in the U.S., and Red Star’s Serbian supporters got into the spirit.

On Election Day in the U.S., Red Star fans fully got into the spirit of American politics watching their club beat Liverpool 2-0 in the Champions League on Tuesday in Belgrade.

After Liverpool crushed Red Star 4-0 at Anfield a couple weeks ago, the fans of Serbia’s most successful club were more than ready to welcome the English club to one of the most hostile environments in world football

In other words, it was just like the U.S. political scene. 

The Red Star fans were out in full force, displaying the type of fanaticism you might expect to see at one of Donald Trump’s rallies. 

Red Star fans had some choice expletives for Liverpool fans; it was pretty much when you might expect from a conversation between Republicans and Democrats.

(Audio NSFW.)

During the match, Red Star fans unveiled a banner right at midfield that looked like something you’d expect Democrats to wheel around at a march against all the idiot men in politics who refuse to believe women. 

In English (and the Roman alphabet instead of the Cyrillic used in Serbia) read “Stop Violence Against Women.”

Red Star Fans Sign

Red Star fans want to end violence against women. Photo: Screenshot: TNT

To keep things balanced, Red Star then turned the match red with a massive 2-0 upset, like the Republicans pulled off in 2016 with the election of Trump as president against all odds. 

Daniel Sturridge could’ve put Liverpool on the way to another strong performance early in the match but fumbled his opportunity for viewers to see him as likable with two awful misses, one from six yards out with an open goal.

Red Star Belgrade capitalized with two goals in seven minutes from Milan Pavkov. On the first, Pavkov found plenty of room to head in off a corner kick.

On the second, Pavkov manhandled the Liverpool defense before blasting this impressive strike. 

Things got testy as the match wore on, with Adam Lallana booked for a nasty challenge that, admittedly, was nothing compared to the vitriol thrown around in American politics.

After the midterms halftime break, Red Star probably should’ve been given a penalty kick for a hand ball in the box early. 

Despite the introduction of Roberto Firmino at halftime, the Reds couldn’t find a path to a majority of the goals. Liverpool showed lethargy getting to the polls poles, shooting wide of the goal posts or into the arms of Red Star keeper Milan Borjan. 

Embed from Getty Images

The Liverpool loss shakes up Group C, with all four teams within two points (before PSG and Napoli play). It's anyone's guess as to who takes control.

Now go vote. 

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