This Player Had The Most Painful Interview Possible Thanks To One Dumb Fan

Wait for it…wait for it…BOOM. This is undoubtedly the most bogus thing we have ever seen a fan do to a player. Yes, even worse than that coward of a fan that pepper-sprayed a bunch of players during Argentina’s Superclásico, which is absolutely ridiculous when you think about it. 

Carabobo FC forward Aquiles Ocanto was giving an interview after his team drew 0-0 with Aragua in the Venezuelan second division. As a forward, we would not be surprised if fans were frustrated with him for not scoring a deciding goal in the tie. Frustration is OK, it’s to be expected...but how this fan took out his frustration on Ocanto was not OK at all. In the middle of the interview, a fan comes out of absolutely no where at cheap shots Ocanto with a flying kick to the middle of the back. 

This is infinitely more dangerous than a pepper spray attack. Pepper spray wears off, back injuries can be forever. Ocanto could have been seriously injured, hospitalized, and maybe even crippled by this punk’s kick. Look at the way his head snaps back, how he wasn’t prepared to take the hit at all. 

Luckily, Carabobo has issued a statement saying that Ocanto was not injured. As for the coward of a fan in the yellow shirt, nothing is known. 

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