Nike Football: The Last Game

The war for the best World Cup 2014 commercial continues. While it's hard to say which advertiser is "winning" at this point, it's safe to say that World Cup fans are delighted at the dollars going into these awesome videos.

Today, following up on Beats by Dre's epic ad that dropped last week, Nike released a 5-minute video called the "The Last Game" as part of its "Risk Everything" campaign. The video is about the world's best players being put out of work by clones who play "perfect" football. Zlatan Ibrahimovic moves on to selling his autobiography, while Wayne Rooney becomes a fisherman and Cristiano Ronaldo becomes a mannequin at a store. Brazilian great Ronaldo rallies all the players together to take down the clones, showing that you must risk everything in order to win. The video includes it all, even a moment where Neymar takes a selfie with a clone after burning him with his footwork. Enjoy! 

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