Neymar Tried Out A New Penalty Technique. When It Failed He Couldn’t Take It

Barcelona just handed Valencia its worst defeat in 23 years. That’s not something to take lightly. In fact, it’s the kind of thing heard before a lot of people get fired. But somehow, amidst all of the goals (four for Luis Suarez, three for Lionel Messi, for a grand total of Barcelona 7, Valencia 0), all of the cries for mercy, and a complete lack of defending, the singularly most embarrassing moment of the night might belong to Barcelona, courtesy of Neymar’s penalty miss against Valencia.

As you watch the video, don’t be alarmed. You’re screen has not frozen. Neymar has just decided to take the “Crouching Tiger” penalty technique to its most immobile extreme. Needless to say, he focused too much on the run up and not enough on the kick.


And that is how you stand out as an embarrassment when your team wins by seven goals. Look at him after he misses, he hardly moves. You can just tell he’s still thinking about the penalty miss, and this is confirmed when he hides his faces in his own jersey. Rough times, Neymar. 

The situation is made worse by the fact that he failed to score throughout the rest of the game, especially considering Barcelona could have won 12-0 if things had gone differently.

Even all the cool moves he pulled off are kind of over shadowed by his miss.

OK, maybe only by a little.

Valencia manager Gary Neville has been the focus of much of the talk after the game, and rightfully so, his team got utterly destroyed, but Neymar’s penalty miss against Valencia rivals Neville’s troubles with its shear comedy. He tried to psych out the keeper, but only psyched out himself. Where’s DJ Khaled when you need him. 

Neymar's penalty miss against Valencia

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