Neymar Fights Teammate, Storms Out Of Training

With the entire world watching Neymar’s every move, he fought a teammate and stormed out of training.

While Neymar hasn’t entirely exited Barcelona, he has shown himself the door at Thursday’s training session in Miami. With Barca slated to play Real Madrid Saturday in a friendly, Neymar’s bust-up with new signing Nelson Semedo is exactly what the tabloids craved.

If Neymar’s seemingly imminent move to Paris Saint-Germain is confirmed in the coming days, Semedo risks becoming a $35 million flop before even playing a competitive fixture. If Neymar’s final action for the Blaugrana is to swipe you in the face, that’s going to be your legacy. There’s no getting around that.

It’s difficult to see what triggered the fisticuffs between the two flyweights, but that’s not going to stop us from speculating. Fortunately for the team, holding midfielder Sergio Busquets was there to do what he does best, chiefly, hold. 

And here’s Neymar going in on Semedo on Tuesday, just because drama. 


All eyes now turn to Barcelona’s eventual squad announcement for tomorrow’s match. Will Neymar be included? Will Nelson Semedo ever be forgiven? Was Gerard Pique lying to us? What does Dani Alves think about this and every other goddamn thing under the sun?

All will be revealed in time.

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