Neymar Scores Tornado Twist Goal In Charity Match

Neymar dazzles fans and opponents with this goal during a charity match in Brazil.

Neymar doesn’t get to execute his usual flair while playing for FC Barcelona in La Liga. But, in a Brazilian charity match, the former Santos star has more chances to reach into his bag of tricks. 

Last week, Neymar showed off his skills to fellow Brazilians after he embarrassed a defender before scoring a goal from a “tornado twist.” We do want to point out that the defender marking Neymar clearly looks out of shape and stood no chance against the world class footballer, but that’s besides the point. 

The entertaining Barca man wasn’t done yet, though. He messed with his opponents even more by carrying around a banana pillow while he was playing and also had this cheeky assist to Kaka, spurring a funny celebration. The moral of the story? Let’s get Neymar in more charity events. 

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