Max Power By Name, Max Power By Nature

"What's in a name?" That was the question Juliet asked of Romeo in Shakespeare's most enduring play. Well, if you're Max Power, apparently there's a lot. 

The Wigan Athletic man refuses to have the collection of syllables and characters that tagged him at birth be an empty promise. No. Max Power by name, Max Power by profession. That's how he lives his life. 

When he retires, Power will become a private detective. Armed with only his cleats and a half-full flask of warm bourbon, Power will bust some heads. FIFA executives taking bribes? Not on Max Power's watch bub. Fan's throwing coins at players? Oh, you better believe Power's going to find you. Match fixing? We've got two words for you: Max...Power. 

Max Power

Photo: @SukruGursoy | Twitter

Max Power! 

He's the man,
Whose name you'd love to touch!
But you mustn't touch.
His name sounds good in your ear,
but when you say it, you mustn't fear!
Cuz his name can be said by anyone!

Dude's got a cool name. I guess that's what we're driving at here... by the way if that Simpsons song isn't an actual chant sung by Wigan fans, we are extremely disappointed in said fans. 

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