This Defender Thinks He's Luis Suarez During The 2010 World Cup

Rosario Central defender Mauricio Martinez made a ridiculous save to keep Rosario 2-1 up on Huracan. He was sent off, and Huracan missed the penalty.

Perhaps the most famous play of Luis Suarez's career occured during the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup, when Uruguay faced Ghana. Suarez blocked a header off the goal line with his hands late in extra time and was sent off. Ghana missed the ensuing penalty, and Uruguay advanced.

Monday, Rosario Central defender Mauricio Martinez paid a touching tribute to Suarez, making an incredible save to deny Huracan a goal. Huracan, just like Ghana before them, missed the ensuing penalty and lost.

Rosario Central scored the next goal to make it 3-1, and Huracan scored late to make it interesting. We'll never know how the game would have played out had Martinez not done what he did. Rules of soccer aside, that's pretty good technique. Now Rosario Central's manager knows who he can count on should he need to put a field player in goal

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