Manchester City Prove They Have More Money Than Sense With Kyle Walker Deal

Kyle Walker is the most expensive defender ever. Kyle Walker is the most expensive English player ever. Kyle Walker.

I'm sure Pep Guardiola knows what he's doing, really I am, but why on earth would he spend $65 million on English Alberto Moreno? Does Guardiola truly believe Walker is worth that price, or is he, like, trying to challenge himself?

Kyle Walker fits the Pep Guardiola inverted fullback role in the sense of not being very good at defense, but he doesn't have the on-ball skills that Guardiola prefers from his fullbacks. Let me just note that at his previous two managerial stops Guardiola's right backs were Dani Alves and Philipp Lahm, two of the best players ever at the position. Kyle Walker is not that.

Although, I guess if you've been been watching Bacary Sagna for a whole year, you might just take whatever you can get.

It should be noted that last time a Premier League team bought an offense-first defender I thought was trash (Chelsea's re-signing of David Luiz), they won the league handily. So get ready for Manchester City to do that.

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