Manchester City Lose Match They Were Not Taking At All Seriously

Basel won the Champions League round of 16 consolation prize against Manchester City, but still lost 5-2 on aggregate and got dribbled by Claudio Bravo.

Here is the play that most sums up the Manchester City-Basel Champions League tie:

It wasn't the most important play, but it was the most indicative of how seriously Man City were taking the proceedings and how little Basel could do about it. Basel even won the second leg, but City had so thoroughly destroyed them in the first leg that it didn't matter.

It looked at the start like City would just steamroll Basel again, with Gabriel Jesus scoring a silly easy goal.

Basel scored 10 minutes later, ensuring they didn't get totally blanked in the tie.

And hey, they scored again! They won the game!

Again, the game was one in which Claudio Bravo was horsing around beating people off the dribble and the rest of the team was barely paying attention, but still. Basel!

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