This Manager Figured Out Nutmegging His Players Is A Lot Better Than Yelling At Them

Some managers yell. Some managers scream. Some managers jump up and down. Some managers wave their arms everywhere. Some managers (Klopp) do all of those things at the same time. Some managers just cross their arms and give you the stink eye.

There are many different approaches to managing, each with its own set of positives and negatives.

One style of managing that we didn't know existed until recently is the nutmeg method. Check it out.

We'll be honest, we kind of like it. There are few ways of getting a player to work harder that are more effective than showing them how bad they are.

If your coach ever does something like that, you have two, and only two, options. 

Option one: you work really really hard to make sure that sort of thing never happens again. 

Option two: you quit soccer forever and move to the woods until everyone forgets who you are, at which point it is safe to re-enter society.

Both options like, the different styles of managing, have positives and negatives. Choose wisely.

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